I’ve had the honor of working with a lot of great co-workers and clients over the years. Some of them have been kind enough to write some good things about my work, which you can browse below.

Recommendations from Co-Workers & Employers

“Cory is one of PMX’s top, most trusted senior SEO advisers on the team. His advice to clients, PMX VPs, Account Managers (AMs) and other department leaders is high quality & highly valued. Feedback I get from AMs and other PMXers is that, despite his laid back demeanor, his conversations with clients are inspired and go deep. The leadership he provides to his
direct reports and the AZ team in general is consistent and I know his kindness and approach are a positive impact on the work environment.” – Direct Supervisor (Aug 2018)

“Cory and I worked together for five years. He was an esteemed member of my SEO practice and one I came to rely upon to provide leadership and guidance to his fellow colleagues at one of our remote offices. I often referred to him as “our rock”, as he was the one everyone turned to during tumultuous transition periods. His calm demeanor, ability to assess a situation accurately (and honestly), and communicate a clear vision and solution as the “voice of reason” is what sets him apart and has garnered the respect of his peers and clients.” – John I. (Oct 2017)

“Beyond being one of the most knowledgeable and experienced senior leaders in the AZ office, Cory is remarkably level-headed, even-keeled and always available (even on PTO!), making him one of my most trusted allies and professional confidantes at PMX. His mastery of technical SEO skills and analytical techniques leads to highly strategic SEO programs, which are bolstered by his ongoing commitment to learning. Cory is one of just a few people who actively encourages his reports to pursue training opportunities, and he regularly shares new industry insights and how they apply to our current programs, clients or approaches. Cory’s historical understanding of the department and company also provide invaluable insight to PMX-specific processes and culture. His client and project knowledge has been instrumental in reformulating our project management tool for more efficiency and accountability, and Cory is almost always the first person I contact if I have a question about a practice, department or fellow PMX employee.” – Coworker Peer Review (June 2016)

“Cory is incredibly passionate about his work and his client’s success and it comes through in everything he does. He demonstrates frequently that he knows his clients’ business really well and is truly curious about them. He’s very open to feedback and is a real problem-solver.” – Account Manager Peer Review (June 2016)

“Cory’s breadth of knowledge and commitment to keeping up with industry news and how it applies to our clients is his biggest strength among many, many other strengths. He is the best SEO director I have ever worked for in terms of coaching, setting a superb example in the workplace and demonstrating subject matter expertise.” – Coworker Peer Review (June 2016)

“Extremely knowledgeable within our practice and industry and is effective at offering this knowledge in helping identify, diagnosing, prescribing and resolving client issues to further strengthen client strategies.” – Account Manager Peer Review (June 2016)

“Wanted to say thank you for everything you have taught me over the years. Most everything I know I can contribute to you and will be forever grateful!” – SEO Strategist (May 2015)

“Cory is a brilliant digital marketing leader. After working with Cory for 2 years, I’ve seen him mentor colleagues to create a strong SEO team that can drive results in organic search campaigns for clients across multiple verticals. Personally, Cory has worked closely with me and has acted as a catalyst in my career development in digital marketing.  Cory also has a gift for fostering client relationships. His SEO expertise, creativity, attention to detail, and ability to communicate SEO goals to numerous client-side roles has led to many successful and increased natural search campaigns. Through these skills, Cory has moved up several times, each time adapting quickly to his new roles and responsibilities. Cory was a real pleasure to work with, I have no doubt he will continue to succeed in his future endeavors!” – Stephen S.

“I’m leaving soon, I just wanted to tell that you were the best SEO I worked with, very knowledgeable, patient, calm and professional. I really enjoyed working under your management!” – SEO Analyst (2014)

“Cory is a solid leader with strong SEO expertise. He excels in leadership, management and training all while maintaining a great sense of humor. Cory helped me immensely during my time at PM Digital offering guidance specifically in the technical SEO area (the man knows his Screaming Frog!). I was not surprised to hear that Cory had been promoted to the SEO Manager of the Scottsdale office. He is an incredible asset and PM Digital is lucky to have him.” – Annette M.

“I have worked with Cory for over 2 years now. When I first started at the company, I had absolutely no SEO experience. Cory took me under his wing and patiently taught me the basics. I never have a problem going to him for help or advice and he has made my job so much easier. I know that I can count on him to accurately explain something I might not fully grasp, and by the time I’m done talking with him, I feel confident enough to do the job myself. I would recommend Cory in any venue, whether you are looking for training or whether you are looking for a professional to get a job done right.” – Aaron G.

“Cory is a true genius when it comes to search engine strategy. He has been in the business since the onset, and really knows his stuff! Further, he has an unbelievable work ethic and he is a great manager to work for. I would not hesitate to recommend Cory Howell to manage your online presence.” – Rebecca T.

Recommendations from SEO & Search Engine Marketing Clients

“Cory is a great asset to your team (and ours). He is thorough and timely in response. A true trusted SEO technical advisor. Appreciate everything he does for us” – Primary Client Contact (E-com/Retail sector) (Jan 2018)

“Cory has directed our SEO and PPC efforts for the past four years. He has exceptional technical knowledge balanced with strategic thinking and a constant eye to bottom line results. Our continued growth is largely dependent on strong SEO and PPC performance. We have entirely entrusted Cory and his team… with these critical functions and he has consistently delivered. I recommend him without reservation.” – Jim C.

“Cory did a great job kicking off SEO strategy with solid results in 2006 and 2007. Very easy to work with and delivered real good value.” – Jeff C.

Recommendations from Web Development & WordPress Clients

“Cory is a true professional: Super responsive, efficient, effective and takes initiative. We’ve been using the firm’s services for two years or longer and have always been really pleased with the results. They deliver great value for the cost. I’d recommend the firm generally and Cory specifically.” – Michael B.

“I highly recommend Cory. He helped design our website and was always there to help when we needed it. He is definitely a an expert in his field.” – Tim J.

“I’ve been impressed with Cory’s help on our site, We’re not even in the same country but his expert help has been an asset for our little cooking school here in Italy. I highly recommend him!” – Silvestro S.

“I really enjoyed working with Cory. I was brand new to WordPress and felt my time was better spent by using an expert. Cory has been so great in helping me set up my WordPress blog and has given me some great tips. He not only is an expert but very patient with a newbie such as myself. He offers a great value and a reasonable price. Thanks Cory” – Caroline H.

“Cory did a great with the design, implementation and maintenance of our website and CRM systems.” – Matthew S.

“Thanks to JenKaufman Designs, my website looks better and is more effective at attracting visitors. They are highly professional, and proactive. I’m glad to have their help. ” – John D.

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