I’ve had the opportunity over the last few months of seeing the direct impact of switching URLs on a site from http to https.

Because we saw such a negative impact from this change, I wanted to share our experience with the greater community to help you avoid the same SEO challenges we faced for about 5 weeks.

The site is a major retailer with their own E-Commerce site and products sold in retail stores & thru many dealer partners.

Secure HTTPs Requirement

This particular client was instructed (read “forced“) to convert some product URLs on their website to secure https format to maintain PCI Compliance. In what appears to be one of the DUMBEST reasons to change to https I’ve heard in recent memory, this changeover led to a pretty significant decrease in SERP visibility and traffic within 2 weeks of implementation (approx. 3/25).

Top 10 Google Ranking Drops after HTTPs Implementation

Top 10 Google Ranking Drops after HTTPs Implementation

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