It’s been a hell of a week for search engine optimization professionals and folks who run their own websites. Especially if your website is dependent on Google for a significant portion of your revenue/income AND you’ve done some less than “white” linking strategies in the past.

Google’s plethora of recent algorithm updates has caused confusion, frustration and for some site owners who’ve lost their shirt over the past week, downright anger. Is it justified anger??? That’s another topic for another day (spammers, black hat, content spinners, link buyers, morality, honesty, fair market, etc.).

The updates have been fast and many since April 17th, but once you lay out the timeline and understand what each update was, it should be fairly easy to identify which Google algorithm update(s) you were affected you. Continue reading

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Google announced today that they made approx. 50 unique changes to their search algorithms in March. A lot of them are just small tweaks that help improve how they interpret pages & specific queries – not necessarily making a huge SEO impact.

That said, they have referenced several algorithm updates that should be noted:

  • Freshness of content is more important – There are multiple references in the 50 updates to factors of detecting old/stale content and/or identifying fresh content.
    • An additional update appears targeted at detecting blog/forum post dates more effectively. Continue reading
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